Acta Paediatrica: an International Journal of Paediatrics.-- Oslo : Scandinavian University Press.-- 87, 8 (1998)
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  • Original Articles
  • Are elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of IL-6 in sudden unexplained deaths, infectious deaths and deaths due to heart // lung disease in infants and children due to hypoxia?; Vege, A; Rognum, TO; Aasen, AO; Saugstad, OD
  • Plasma levels of carboxy terminal propeptide of type I procollagen and pyridinoline cross-linked telopeptide of type I collagen in healthy school children // Kikuchi, T; Hashimoto, N; Kawasaki, T; Kataoka, S; Takahashi, H
  • The prevalence and related symptomatology of Helicobacter pylori in children with recurrent abdominal pain // Wewer, V; Andersen, LP; Paerregaard, A; Gernow, AB; Hansen, JPH
  • The intestinal ecosystem in chronic functional constipation // Zoppi, G; Cinquetti, M; Luciano, A; Benini, A; Muner, A
  • Importance of training for correct Turbuhaler use in preschool children // Agertoft, L; Pedersen, S
  • Erythrocyte superoxide dismutase activity and plasma malondialdehyde levels in children with Henoch Schonlein purpura // Demircin, G; Oner, A; Unver, Y; Bulbul, M; Erdogan, O
  • A missense mutation, Val62Ala, in the glucokinase gene in a Norwegian family with maturity-onset diabetes of the young // Njolstad, PR; Cockburn, BN; Bell, G.I; Sovik, O
  • Metabolic control in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 5 y after diagnosis. Early detection of patients at risk for poor metabolic control // Forsander, G; Persson, B; Sundelin, J; Berglund, E; Snellman, K
  • Quality of life of young adults with idiopathic short stature: effect of growth hormone treatment // Rekersmombarg, LTM; Busschbach, JJV; Massa, GG; Dicke, J; Wit, JM
  • Sarcoidosis in children. Epidemiology in Danes, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis // Milman, N; Hoffmann, AL; Byg, KE
  • Clinical profiles of subjects with subcortical leukomalacia and border-zone infarction revealed by MR // Yokochi, K
  • Failure of short-term mannose therapy of patients with carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1A // Kjaergaard, S; Kristiansson, B; Stibler, H; Freeze, HH; Schwartz, M
  • Neonatal Medicine
  • Cerebral excitatory amino acids and Na+,K+-ATPase activity during resuscitation of severely hypoxic newborn piglets // Feet, BA; Gilland, E; Groenendaal, F; Brun, NC; Hellstromwestas, L
  • Treatment of extremely premature newborns: a survey of attitudes among Danish physicians // Norup, M
  • Case Report
  • Nephropathy and hypertension as manifestations in a 13-y-old girl with primary antiphospholipid syndrome // Ohtomo, Y; Matsubara, T; Nishizawa, K; Unno, A; Motohashi, T
  • Clinical Pathological Conference
  • A child with bruising // Macfarlane, S; Teague, L
  • Correspondence Section
  • Vascular hamartoma: another cause of testicular torsion in a newborn // Bodas, A; Rivilla, F; Casillas, JG

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