Acta Paediatrica: an International Journal of Paediatrics.-- Oslo : Scandinavian University Press.-- 88, 7 (1999)
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  • Prenatal exposure to ionizing radiation: sources, effects and regulatory aspects // Fattibene, P; Mazzei, F; Nuccetelli, C; Risica, S
  • Promoting breastfeeding in Guinea-Bissau // Smedman, L
  • Withholding or withdrawing pediatric care // Greisen, G
  • Do infections protect against atopic diseases? // Brabäck, L
  • Ethical aspects of decision-making at the limit of viability // Finnström, O; Persson, J
  • Infections in early childhood and risk of atopic disease // Pekkanen, J; Remes, S; Kajosaari, M; Husman, T; Soininen, L
  • Moderate renal failure in association with prolonged acquired hypothyroidism in children // Al-Fifi, S; Girardin, C; Sharma, A; Rodd, C
  • Plasma metabolites after a lipid load in infants with congenital heart disease // Lundell, KH; Sabel, HG; Eriksson, BO
  • Growth of prepubertal children with juvenile chronic arthritis // Saha, MT; Verronen, P; Laippala, P; Lenko, HL
  • Beneficial effects of dietary supplementation in a disorder with defective synthesis of cholesterol. A case report of a girl with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, polyneuropathy and precocious puberty // Starck, L; Björkhem, I; Ritzén, EM; Nilsson, BY
  • Magnetic resonance imaging in acute non-accidental head injury // Barlow, KM; Gibson, RJ; McPhillips, M; Minns, RA
  • Promoting breastfeeding through health education at the time of immunizations: a randomized trial from Guinea Bissau // Jakobsen, MS; Sodemann, M; Mřlbak, K; Alvarenga, I; Aaby, P
  • Depth of sleep and sleep habits among enuretic and incontinent children // Néveus, T; Hetta, J; Cnattingius, S; Tuvemo, T; Läckgren, G
  • Plasma leptin levels of large for gestational age and small for gestational age infants // Cinaz, P; Bideci, A; Süheyl Ezgü, F; Atalay, Y
  • Smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy affects preterm infants' docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) status // Smuts, CM; Tichelaar, HY; Dhansay, MA; Faber, M; Smith, J
  • Utilization of supplemental iron by premature infants fed fortified human milk // Moody, GJ; Schanler, RJ; Abrams, SA
  • Intensified phototherapy using daylight fluorescent lamps // De Carvalho, M; De Carvalho, D; Trzmielina, S; Lopes, JMA; Hansen, TWR
  • Acinetobacter junii causes life-threatening sepsis in preterm infants // de Beaufort, AJ; Bernards, AT; Dijkshoorn, L; van Boven, CPA
  • Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome: exfoliative toxin A (ETA) induces serine protease activity when combined with A431 cells // Ladhani, S; Poston, SM; Joannou, CL; Evans, RW
  • Successful treatment of intrathecal methotrexate overdose with folinic acid rescue: a case report // Riva, L; Conter, V; Rizzari, C; Jankovic, M; Sala, A
  • Aminoglycoside-associated hypomagnesaemia in children with cystic fibrosis // Akbar, A; Rees, JHM; Nyamugunduru, G; English, MW; Spencer, DA
  • Cardiac myxoma in a 6-year-old child-constitutional symptoms mimicking rheumatic disease and the role of interleukin-6 : CLINICAL OBSERVATION // Hövels-Gürich, HH; Seghaye, MC; Amo-Takyi, BK; Hügel, W; Duchateau, J
  • Attitudes of healthcare professionals concerning extremely preterm infants in the delivery room. A regional study // Sizun, J; Dobrzynski, M; Baron, R; Collet, M; de Parscau, L
  • Influence of chronic disease, organ dysfunction and severity of illness on care restrictions in paediatric intensive care // Goh Yu Teik, A; Chai See Lum, L
  • Kawasaki disease in a father and daughter // Kaneko, K; Obinata, K; Katsumata, K; Tawa, T; Hosaka, A

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